Designed to span a 50+ 
week period
Digital Download Resource E-book Curriculum in PDF Printable Format
47 Themed Units
Each Unit Includes a minimum of the following:
Anita Ant
Weekly Based Units include:
Sparks the Fire
Safety Pup
Attie Autumn
By the Beach
C is for Cookies
Clowning Around
Spots & Ink Blots
Tiny Teeth
Busy Little Bus
Spring Fling
Vast Varieties of
Copy Cat
Wheels Go Round
Winter Animals
X Marks the Spot
Way to Go W
In the House
Dino Daze
Flashy Feathers
Zany Zoo
Half of my Whole
I See Ice Cream
Flight of the Kites
Jumpin’ JellyBeans
Lissie Ladybug
Kelsie Kitten
My Busy Body
Showy Shoes
Quirky Q Keeps Us
in a Quandry
Poppin’ Popcorns
Apples & Pumpkins, Oh My!
Speckles the Spider
Under My Umbrella
Communication - Braille
Cowboys of the West
Fantastic File Folder Fun 2
Fantastic File Folder Fun
Whooooo is that Owl?
Nutrition begins with ....
Grumpy Grape Gumball
Hungry Caterpillar
Romping with Rhythm
Extended Units include:
Y is for Yummy
Standard Warm-Ups for
The Kindergarten Class
250+ pages of transitional activities
that support the educational material
in a kindergarten classroom
You & Me Fun
Activities Book
Make Each Child their very own
Activity book - includes
Tic-tac-toe, Dot to Dot
Hexagons and more.....
Spell-A-Word Card Game
Lots of Activities at the Dollar Store Teacher
‘Puzzling Cards’ Game
Puzzling Blocks
Mini Dough Mats
Make a Spinner & Dice / Block Set
Lotto Match Game (Mix ‘n’ Match)
Let’s Go Fishing Game 
(Large Folder Activity)
Kid Collage Puzzle
Designer Paper Doll Figures
Critter Grid Drawing Book
Create-A-Puzzle Instant Designs
Color Bingo (quarter page size)
Beginning Letter Sound Domino Game
5 in a Row Board Game (2 Players)
The Basics
This is an excellent introduction to the letters, colors,
shapes and numbers.  The first 10 lessons introduce
the numbers 1 - 10 as well as the colors and shapes.  
In addition to the basics, each lesson includes fun
activities that will expand the possibilities for success.  
A 5 page book (various concepts are
presented in the books), search & find sheet and a
mini folder game are all included with each unit.

Each lesson would be appropriate for the very
advanced 2 year old with a lot of 1 to 1 support ....
Or a special needs student needing basic concepts.
Excellent for the pre - k to kindergarten level pupil.
270+ pages
Basic Bingo - Alphabet a - z
Basic Bingo - Beginning Letter Sound
Basic Bingo - 3 Letter Words
Basic Bingo is a coordinated set that 
Supports letter recognition and 
Early reading.
This Set is a real Keeper - Beautiful!
Tracing Fun
215+ pages
Month by Month Calendar Set
With over 100
Flip-It Match-It Books
Easy to Make Books that
Support the Alphabet, Colors, Shapes,
Numbers, Several Contractions and Many
Compound Word Combinations.
Number Book
Alphabet Book
Contraction Book
Color Book
Shape Book
Compound Word Book
Folder Game Variety
This set contains approximately
26 folder style games
shapes, colors, numbers, letters and more.
Bears (5 games)
Birds (5 games)
Trains (6 games)
Ice Cream (5 games)
Starfish (5 games)
Circle Time Supports
The Wall Set part of Circle Time Supports
is designed to occupy the minimum
amount of space while providing the
Biggest WOW possible.

Each piece of the set is designed to be
mounted onto file folders ......
Either the entire folder or
a half folder.

(1) The Focus folder ....
Includes Spots for:
Coordinating pieces for beginning sound
Color with color object
Number - word and counting

(2) Schedule......
Allows for the students and parents, alike,
to see what the routine for the
day will be

(3) Days & Emotions
Counting down the first 100 days
Graphing of how the students feel

(4)  Job & Center Assignments
Allow the students to
see which jobs they have
been assigned in the room
which centers they will participate

(5)  Attendance Chart
The students will be able to check
themselves in and out at the
necessary times

(6) Calendar Plus Chart
The calendar allows for the typical
coverage of the month, days and date -
including numerous sets of
calendar cover-ups to create
It also includes
weather and how one should dress
appropriately for it.
 770+ pages
Circle Time Supports
Extra Large Flash Cards

26 Alphabet
12 Color
1 Emotion Poster
21 Number
12 Shape
300 Word -a-Day
47 Extension (Interactive)
With coordinating pieces
More Information 
 Pictures Here
Mini Make & Take Booklets
That Coordinate with
The Extra Large Flash Cards
Print the Circle Time ‘Focus’ sheets
to create a unique booklet for
each week based on
YOUR classroom plans.
File Folder Games -
Board Games
Barn Yard Friends
Leapin’ Lily Pads
Fun at the Fair
Crocodile Hop
Ship to Shore
Mini Movers
Teddy Bear Land
Speed Challenge
Rainbow Station
To the Top
Where Does Your Garden Grow?
Feelings Mini Folders
Self-Checking Cards
Self Checking Ring Cards
Alphabet - 
Beginning Letter Sounds 
Vowel Sounds 
Upper & Lower Case
Numbers - 
Word Recognition 
Count by 2’s, 5’s & 10’s 
Missing Number 
Shapes & Colors - 
Encourage Independent Learning
3 Inch Pocket Chart Letters
Alphabet Work Sheets
Lady Bug, Lady Bug Game
Desk Top Name Tags / Plates
Varying Sizes
Big Button Sort
Cherry Berry 1st Sound
Matching Game
Beginning Letter & Sound
Work Sheets
Lots of Resources
Alphabet Support Sheets - A to Z
Basic Number Bingo
70+ Pages in this Set
Number Support Sheets - 0 to 20
160+ Pages
Peanutty Party Theme Set
60 Pages in this Set
Themed activities
Wall Art for the Colors - Shapes - Numbers - Alphabet
Folder Style Board Game  
and More....
Catch Me If You Can
Multi - Level Folder / Board Game
140+ total Pages
Go Fishing and Catch an Education!
This set is multi-leveled and allows the educator to
decide what should be worked on.
This set includes work with
shapes, letters, numbers and colors.
Beginning Letter Sounds, 0 - 100 counting,
sight words and more can also
be found in this expandable game.
Love Bug Self Checking Cards
45+ Pages
Let the children work with
Numbers, Beginning Sounds,
Colors, Contractions
And Shapes ........
Not Just for Valentine’s Day!
Fine Motor Fun For Everyone
More Pictures at Dollar Store Teacher Site
Dot to Dot Sheets - 89 pages
Action Lacing Cards - 21 pages
Alphabet Tracing - 78 pages
Paper Clip Patterns - 72 pages
Paper Clip Counting Cards - 4 pages
Block Building Pattern Cards - 50 pages
Occupational Lacing Cards - 20 pages
Mini File Folder Centers
Alphabet - 53 pages
Colors - 27 pages
Numbers - 43 pages
Shapes - 21 pages
Bead Patterning Cards - 4 pages
Sew & Color Quilt 
(Alphabet & Numbers) - 36 pages
Hole Punching Cards - 6 pages
Coloring Mats - 72 pages
Pattern Lacing Pieces - 88 pages
Lunch Bag Puppets - 43 pages
26+ alphabet based puppets
Wall Art - Basic Set
The Basics set includes some in color while
others are in Black Line Master.
Includes a Bus set, Fly Away Bird, Ice Cream,
Rabbits & Carrots
and a Whale with spout.
Sorting & Graphing
18 Pages
Sorting and Graphing
Objects and Colors
Practice Writing Packets
425 Pages
Includes Various Styles to be incorporated
into any homes school or classroom.
Styles include:
Seattle SD
Which Does Not Belong?
12 Pages
Tic-Tac-Toe Collection
26 Pages
Cut Me Out Book
64 Pages
Spell-A-Picture Puzzle Cards
13 Pages
Cut & Create Puzzles
20 Pages
Picture Exchange Word Exchange
The Picture Exchange Word Exchange Series is a diverse system that helps with communication
when needed and encourages strong and early reading skills.

This educational support series is perfect for working with individuals with limited communication
abilities, learning delays, Autism, Pervasive Developmental Delays (PDD) ...
or any early childhood level learner.
Count It Out Book 0 - 10
Count It Out Book 11 - 20
My Rainbow Book of Colors
Read the Count It Out Book 11 - 20 Here
911 Emergency Book
This book introduces safety concepts and
teaches the 911 number.  Reinforces name, 
address, phone number, emergency friends
and more.
My Interactive Shape Book
The ‘I’ Book
My Missing Sound Book - Vowels
My Alphabet Book
Communication Boards
Toilet / Potty Training Communication 
Board Set
Accommodates Boys and Girls Toilet Training
Interactive PEWE Readers
Picture Exchange Word Exchange
What is an Interactive PEWE Reader?

The Readers are very easy books to make that supply not only
an educational experience for the reader - but builds the self-confidence
of the student reading it.

To use a reader .... Read each word (beginning with the cover) and show
the student the PEWE card that matches the word.  Show the student how the
letters match on the card and the book (creating a pattern to be recognized at a later time).
Discuss the picture on the card so the student will understand the ‘pattern’ of letters and
what they indicate.

Place the cards, while reading, onto the ‘sentence strip’ at the bottom of the book.  This too,
should be discussed (how the words mimic the order of the sentence in the book).

After the sentence on the page has been read ..... Repeat the process by pointing to each
word as you say it.  Have the student do the same.

If the student is not verbal - they can point to the PEWE card as you read it aloud again.

The books are short enough to not be frustrating to the emergent reader but
will provide an abundance of confidence building reading time.

The smiles on a non-verbal or semi-verbal student who has just
completed reading their first Interactive PEWE Reader are
absolutely priceless.

Individuals that may never be able to read traditionally
are having success with this series.


When moving onto the next page .... Remove the PEWE cards from the strip.
If using hook and loop tape .... This activity is an excellent
fine motor work out for the student.

The books will repeat many of the traditional sight words and you will find
that the reader will already be picking up the correct PEWE card prior
to actually needing it.

This Series is excellent for any early reader (or non-reader) ...... Traditional or Not!

*****The last page of the book contains a couple of easy to answer questions for*****
the student.  The student simply answers by pointing to the
correct answer after the instructor has read off the question.
This encourages observation and reinforces comprehension with the reader.
How to Make an 
Interactive PEWE Reader
The Letter A
Interactive PEWE Reader
Letter Book A
Letter Book B
Letter Book C
Letter Book D
Letter Book E
Letter Book F
Letter Book G
Letter Book H
Letter Book I
Letter Book J
Letter Book K
Letter Book L
Letter Book M
Letter Book N
Letter Book O
Letter Book P
Letter Book Q
Letter Book R
Letter Book S
Letter Book T
Letter Book U
Letter Book V
Letter Book W
Letter Book X
Letter Book Y
Letter Book Z
Letter to Word Decoding
92 Pages
Concentration Collection
Treasure Shape Mazes
Counting Cubes
58 Pages
Descriptive Bingo
Match the Pattern Cards
Grapes of Many Colors
Domino Game
Feeling Puppets
Daily Journal of Fun
Basic Shape Bingo
21 Pages
Basic Pattern Bingo
26 Pages
Basic Color Bingo
25 Pages
Alphabet Work
Pictures to Letters
26 Pages
Baby Sitting Forms
Great for Teenagers
16 Pages
Calico Cow
Theme Set
40 Pages
This fun theme includes cutting, pattern work,
memory games, working with
manners, crafty puppet
making, counting, work with a nursery
rhyme ...... Lots of fun......and
Educational activities.
Sight Word Bingo
Set #1 and Set #2
58 Pages
Pre-Primer Word Cards
File Folder Style Games
Large Variety
Warm and Cold Weather
Mini Match Folder Mat Games #1(10)
Calendar Cover-Ups (100 Designs)
Calendar Base Set (16 Options)
Squirrel-y Dreams (5)
Puppy Power 0-10
Sammie Seal Counting
Basic Addition and Subtraction Bingo - 40 Pages
Spell-a-Word Letter Scrambles (easy) - 26 Pages
Snowman Colors
Country Charm
Calendars & Mini Folder Games / Mats
Mini Match Folder Mat Games #2(10)
Tooth Pick Counting - 15 Pages
Describe the Picture - 12 pages
Berry Bear Color Match
Daily Weather Chart
On the Hour & Half Hour 
Time Boards
Lots of Resources available at the 
Dollar Store Teacher Site
Spot-a-Word Game
83 Pages
Color & Number Cards
Teacher Notes
Communication Sheets - 15 pages
Sign Language Cards
Shapes & Cutting Creations
15 Pages
My Sunny Book
Size Sequencing Cards
30 Pages - 58 Designs
Misc. Work Sheet Pack
83 Pages
Daily Routine Suggestion
My Everyday Skills Book
The Ultimate File Folder Book 
Level 2
28 Pages
On the Go Series
Mini File Folders / Mats
Baby Bumble Bee - 31 pages
Trucks & Trains - 43 pages
Flying High in the Sky - 57 pages
Hands of Time - 58 pages
Spanish - English - 22 pages
Buses, Buses Buses - 51 pages
Sampler Alphabet - 17 pages
Basics Plus - 34 pages
Folder Games - Mixed Collection
This collection contains a huge variety of folder based games......
Games that will fit on a standard file folder to half based folder game ... to games that can
be utilized as mats or folded mini folder style games.
Shapes of Spring
Soccer Counting
Spring Showers Counting
Peppy Penguin
Give a Doggie a Bone
Spring Flowers Shadow Matching
The Bus Run
Spring Alphabet Flowers
Guinea Pigs Galore - 4 Games
Leafy Letters - Beginning Sounds
Healthy Food Shadow Minis - Set of 2
Beach Ball Blast - 4 Games
Early Spring Blooms
In the Bag (Vowels)
Kelsie Kitten Counting Fun
Beginning Sounds - 3 Games
Themed Curriculum
All Rights Reserved
Mini Folder Game Sets
Shamrocks - 4 sets
Stars - 4 sets
Variety - 11 sets
Easter - 4 sets
Kites - 4 sets
Flowers - 4 sets
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your computer ..... To use over and over.
File folder Games
Calendar Pieces
Fine Motor Activities
Calendar Pieces
Math Centers
Shapes and Colors
Numbers and Letters
Uppercase and Lowercase
Beginning Sounds
Ring Cards
Flash Cards
Theme Activities